03.25.13   Hello!
 I am very happy to discover your company and i just placed my second order  (i placed my first order just 2-3 weeks ago!!!). Thank you for all you do! I  saw your Youtube videos about life of the order and how you package it and  it is very impressive how much work goes into each order..Thank you in advance and hope to get my order soon. P.S. I hope i will get my order in time and i should according to your processing and shipping time because i an going to visit my relatives back in Russia (i am leaving 14th of April) and taking all you products (some as
presents and some for myself to experiment). Thank you for all you do!

It's been 3 or 4 weeks since I started using GoW products, and just love them all...I was having dry/dehydrated looking skin and these are the products that i decided to try....Blueberry exfo serum, blueberry ha serum, super hydrating ha serum, marityme gel, frankenscence hydrosol, strawberry hydrating mist and vegeterian base cream.....all these products helped my skin look better and feel better...I have seen a difference in the way my skin looks...it looks brighter and no longer looks dry or dehydrated.  I will be using nothing but GoW products from now on......marityme gel also has removed my acne scars which really was surprising to me now my face looks nice and clear, thanks Markey for creating such wonderful products, you're simply the best....

I have been meaning to write this for some time now.   Before I started Garden of Wisdom products and Camellia-Rose products my skin was always breaking out here and there and I never had that flawless, smooth, glowing skin that I wanted.....not matter what I tried.   I had also tried to manage the acne breakouts with benzoyl peroxide and that only dried out my already dry skin and left my skin red ....not to mention that it did not really help clear up the acne.   Not until I started your products did my skin start to REALLY change and now it is flawless, smooth and radiant!!!  The only time I have a breakout now is if I get lazy and do not wash and remove my makeup at night.....but once I use your blemish products it is gone within a couple of days.  My skin has also went from dry to normal with no reddish tint to it ....it is glowing and I have the skin I always wanted and who would have know it could be this easy!!!  Thank you both so much from the bottom of my heart!!!!       A L

Pretty much from the first time. . . I tried GoW samples I was hooked! With a little bit of trial and error, my skin is now almost always 100% acne free. Before, GoW I had super oily, red, sensitive skin from Benzoyl Peroxide used for the acne on my face, which did not seem to want to go away no matter what products I tried. With the routine of skincare from GoW, my skin is now balanced, hydrated and no longer red and sore! I will definitely keep ordering these products and thank Markey for the wonderful customer service and Jen and everyone on the forums for helping me choose products that are right for my skin J

Oh and I got my order today thankyou! Can’t wait to try the sebum control antioxidant serum!

Thanks,  RB

I found out about GoW while researching . . . mineral makeup. The women using the GoW hydrosols to help condition and set the makeup love GoW so I was intrigued. Being a “new” mom at the time, I was slowly moving towards the idea of going with gentler but still effective products for me and the family. I gradually found my way to the GoW forums. Using the info and insight I gained from there, I decided to start with a basic routine with a gentle cleanser, hydrosol, carrier oil and base cream. I loved the results. The cleanser no longer left my skin tight and itchy. The rose hydrosol felt good on my skin. The 2 drops of oil plus veggie gream did feel like it was just sitting on top of my face but I couldn’t argue with the morning-after results. My face was soft, smooth and hydrated but not oily! After I had my 2nd daughter, I researched some more and added in a HA serum. (I mix in a few drops of the HA serum with my carrier oil and it sinks right in.)
There are many things that I love about GoW. All the products I use come from a reputable, knowledgeable vendor, that my money goes to high quality ingredients (instead of packaging or worse, filler ingredients) and that I have such a range of ingredients and products to use that I can honestly say my routine is tailor-fit just right for MY skin.

Here are the products I’ve used and love:
Majik Azulene cleanser (I use an oil to remove my waterproof mascara and I use this cleanser to remove the rest of my makeup. Yet isn’t overly drying.)

Hydrosols (my face has had no adverse reaction to any of the hydrosols used so far.)
            Wild Plum

Camellia Sinesis (light oil but works great)
Apricot Kernel (used to take waterproof mascara off)
Wheat Germ  (I blended this with West Shea as a belly rub while pregnant with my 2nd daughter b/c it’s naturally high in Vit. E)
Rose clay  (use with hydrosols to make my own clay mask)
Manuka Honey (add a bit with the clay mask)

HA Serums (use with carrier oils so it’ll sink in faster and b/c it can retain water so well, use it to help keep face moisturized)
            Green Rooibos
            Blue Mallow

Veggie Base Cream (use esp during dry or winter months)

Strawberry Scrub (love the smell and face is normally on the dry side so this scrub is gentle enough for it while still exfoliating it)

West Shea (see above. Used as a belly rub)

Light N Brite (spot treatment on acne discoloration marks. Noticed spots not so dark after a few days)

Collagen Renewal (spot treat wrinkles between eyes and fine lines. Only used for a few weeks, sometimes sporadically but feel I can see a difference already. Lines not so deep)

RALA + Emu oil (used in combo with Collagen Renewal. See above) 

And last but not least, I love that GoW has shown me that I can also craft my own products to fit my needs and my family. I just placed an order yesterday for more West Shea, 3 carrier oils and coconut oils so I can craft a body butter for my 3 yr old daughter who is battling an eczema breakout at the moment. I don’t have to worry about preservatives, I don’t have to wonder if my $20 was worth it b/c I know the 6 oz butter I’ll end up with will be 4 oz of unrefined West Shea (not the cheap refined stuff with all the goods things cooked out of it nor will it be 99% mineral oil with a touch of shea plus whatever unnecessary additives like you find at a lot stores, even the expensive ones!).  

J.L. from Los Angeles, California