Shipping Policies

Read this page as it has very important information about our policies on shipping.

See our Shipping Options page for actual shipping prices :)

  • Please choose the correct shipping option. If you are not sure, contact us ahead of time and we can let you know which option to choose.
  • When we have to contact customers for their shipping it pushes their order to the back of the line.
  • Please ONLY choose FREE shipping if your order for USA exceeds $225.00
  • Add 6-8 ounces per package [except flat rate box] for the weight of the box and packing material. This will help to keep us all from having any confusion when charging extra for shipping.

NOTE:  your shipping notice will come from
Please add them to your e-mail contact list
We ship to the address in the "shipping" section of your order.
We do not use the addresses in paypal.

Once a package leaves our hands, it is up to USPS to deliver the packages.

Please note  INTERNATIONAL PACKAGES ARE NOT TRACKED ONCE THEY LEAVE THE USA. This service is only available if you choose express shipping or add registered mail to your package. (extra fees)

Remember also that all international orders must pass through your local customs office before heading on to your international post office. Many times when packages do not arrive within the time frame expected it is because of your customs office. (we cannot control this part of the process)

Please check your order upon arrival for any errors or damages. Let us know within 48 hours so we can take care of any issues immediately.

If your package is taking longer than the estimated time frame below, please contact us and we will see what information we can find out. Nearly always, we only have the same information as is available on the original shipping confirmation. We can confirm that it has left the country.

Shipping Policies:

Garden of Wisdom retains the right to charge the actual amount of shipping [no hidden fees] to
your credit card. If you need or want to know the charges in advance, please
contact us.

**FREE shipping on orders $225 or more [not applicable Internationally, sorry]

Here are some estimated shipping processing times for USPS so you know what to expect.

First Class  (If any of the items you order are in Glass (if they are it will be listed on the individual page for the item itself) we encourage you to choose Priority Mail as your shipping option when checking out. First Class is shipped in a bubble envelope and is not a safe option for Glass bottles and/or droppers. If you do choose to pick First Class, we strongly encourage you to contact us to add Insurance. If no insurance is added, and an item breaks in transit, we cannot be held liable for replacing the package.)

USA - 7 to 10 business days [2 weeks]

International - 5-6 weeks

[Please understand we only offer first class for our customers convenience. We highly suggest using priority shipping, as it is so much quicker and more reliable. When shipping via first class the delivery times can vary and we cannot be held responsible for any products (especially raw ingredients) that go bad in shipping due to this method]


USA - 3 - 5 business days

International - 7-10 business days [2 weeks]

Some examples of our packaging:

Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope

This envelope is 12.5" wide and 9.5" tall. This is flat but can expand to hold a relatively good amount of finished products. Bulky items such as clays, waxes, butters, salts, etc. will limit this packaging option quite a bit. 

Weight limit is 3 lbs.

Priority Mail Boxes

This box is is 11" wide x 8.5" high x 5.5" deep. This box will hold a lot of product. Bulky items are suggested for this box as it will keep them from possibly opening in transit. 

Weight limit is 20 lbs. 


If the above box is not big enough for you, we also have a larger flat rate box.

This box is 12" wide x `1" high x 5.5" deep. This box will hold a lot of product. Bulky items are suggested for this box as it will keep them from possibly opening in transit.

Weight limit is 20 lbs.