GoW Comfrey Stem Cells
Soothing/Hydrating Serum

Product Description

We have combined a new, exciting humectant which retains the skin's moisture while not pulling the moisture from the air to the skin with Comfrey Leaf Stem Cells which speed up skin cell renewal through activation of the epidermal skin cells. While old skin cells are exfoliated or naturally shed on the skin's surface, epidermal cells are located at the base of the epidermis itself, continuously dividing and regenerating into the cell tissue.

Method of Application

Apply daily (2-3 x per Day).

List of Ingredients

Spring Water
- hydrating
Beetroot Extract
- beta vulgaris extract
- superb moisture retention
- humectant
- conditioning
- moisturizing (potent)
- skin softener
- anti-inflammatory
- healing
Symphytum (comfrey leaf) Stem Cells
- known for its healing properties, Comfrey has also been shown to boost the regenerative properties of epidermal stem cells.
  Comfrey has also been proven to increase the skin's thickness offering an improved, healthier skin barrier function
Preservative Blend non-irritating, effective preservative system for extra protection against yeast and mold effective at preventing the growth of fungus, specifically yeast and mold, thus providing additional protection for formulations using natural preservatives systems
1. Leucidal SF (
Lactobacillis Ferment)
2. AMTicide Coconut (Lactobacillus (and) Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Fruit Extract)
Xanthan Gum
- natural thickener