Here, at Garden of Wisdom, we understand how overwhelming it can be to choose the appropriate skincare products for your unique skincare needs. We appreciate that skincare and addressing individual skincare challenges are not solved by the “out of the box” department store mentality.  We know that happy, healthy skin makes happy people!

We have simple, straight-forward introductory packets for those who have specific skincare issues of which you have already identified and wish to address. We also offer sample kits and a vast skincare buffet for those who are not struggling but merely wish to maintain, support and fortify their skin.

We believe you and your skin will feel the difference! The difference of  products made in small hand formulated batches, carefully chosen ingredients and honestly thoughtful product creations . The products we offer do not contain fillers or unnecessary ingredients and are Paraben free finished products. Our desire is to share the feeling of applying products that just feel 'right' for you and your skin.  We know your skin will thank you for the clean and healthy nutrition.

Please contact us if you have specific questions that we might address for you.   We have a link in the left column on the homepage that will direct you to our Skincare Specialist, Jen, via our “Live Chat Help” .

We sincerely thank you for this opportunity to share with you our years of combined knowledge and love for the skin we wear.  

With a healthy love for all skin,
Your GoW team