Payment & Privacy Policy

Beginning March 15th, 2010, if your string of credit card numbers are transposed [entered incorrectly], or cannot be validated, we will notify you via email or phone. 


NOTE: please be careful to enter the credit card numbers carefully (no spaces) as having to
contact you will push your order to the end of the line and cause an unnecessary
wait time for you to receive.

From here, you have two options -

1. Call our secure phone number 928-776-8578 to provide us with your updated and/or
correct payment information.

2. We can send you a secure link to retrieve your credit card details

We are doing it this way for your protection.

We ask that you do not send your confidential credit card information through email. 

Please do not give your credit card information to anyone claiming to represent
Garden of Wisdom.  If such an incident occurs, please alert us immediately.
Our phone number is listed above so you can reach us which helps to keep dishonest
people out of the loop.  

We adhere to a strict privacy policy, meaning your information will not be
shared, sold, or otherwise distributed.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

- Markey Martin
- Jen Flanagan
Garden of Wisdom LLC