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Welcome to the Garden of Wisdom! This page contains a resourceful list of information, including our Frequently Asked Questions, Skin Profiles, GoW PoliciesRecommended Reading and so much more!

Follow the links below to find out more information about Garden of Wisdom and our extensive selection of finished products and DIY [do-it-yourself] ingredients.

Skin Care Consultation - Consider having an In Depth Skin Care Consultation done with our in house Skin Care Specialist. This covers so much more than an email ever could. Our Skin Care Specialist will take extra time to go over your answers and really get down to the heart of what would work best for your skin.

Frequently Asked Questions - You will find a lot of information here! We offer our shelf life information, blemish (acne) information, DIY recipes, Mandelic Acid information and much more!

Shelf Life and Storage Information for Products and Ingredients - Here you will find information about the shelf life of our products and ingredients.

Skin Profiles - Explore this page to help guide you toward the skin profile you might have.

Finished Products - This is where you will find our whole range of finished products:
(cleansers, toners, hydrators, serums, moisturizers, etc)

Our Forum - This is a fan forum to share as well as inquire with other customers what their experiences have been and to discuss our products! There are amazing people on our forum and lots of fun. Come and join us. 

Raw Ingredients - In this section you will find exotic as well as top quality carrier oils, hydrosols, clays, essential oils and other formulation ingredients.

Skin Care Kits - We have designed a selection of kits for the customer that is not sure what they want to get. Although we recommend that you trust what your instincts tell you, we also suggest emailing us for recommendations since our skin is not a one size fits all option.

Sample Program - For a small fee [.05 cents] you can choose which sample you would like included in your order. If this option is missed we are happy to pick a sample for you.

Shelf Life - This page offers information about the shelf life of our products and raw materials.

Our Basic Routine Method - This is our suggested [beginner's] base routine for our products if you were to include every step. Lots of information here on where and when to apply products, and how much

Store Policies - Please read this page to understand our policies concerning shipping, returns and/or product exchange.   

Recommended Reading   - There are lots of books available when it comes to understanding our skin and formulating skin care.
                           Check out our recommended reading list!