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 01.05.18  Newsletter   
  Information Regarding Past Samples 

Our Sample Program has changed!!
Effective 6.16.17

PLEASE READ our sample program page
for more information on how to CHOOSE your sample :)

NOTE: each order only receives (1) sample

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This message is for Jen :) First of all thank you for taking your time with me last time we spoke and recommending me the right oils. I have clog prone, oily + dehydrated skin and I have tried hemp seed oil and passion fruit seed oil, which you recommended. I really liked the hemp seed oil (no breakouts) BUT for daytime use it didn’t moisturize enough and felt very tight on my face.. it seemed fine for nighttime use.
....THEN I tried passion Fruit Seed Oil and hold and behold!!!!!! My oily skin isn’t that oily anymore and It almost “whispers” glowing. Since my skin has also fine lines this oil is a double winner. Amazing! The smell is also fantastic. Sinks in immediately. I do get breakout with it. But they never really develop. Just go away after 2 days. I’m happy with it. I am very thankful for your recommendation and I am finally happy with an oil. Thank you so much for finding the right oil for my skin type/issues. I truly appreciate you and I am an incredibly happy customer now! You are fantastic!!! :) PS: really like your white peony tea HA serum as well.                        ~Julia M.

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