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  Information Regarding Past Samples 

Our Sample Program has changed!!
Effective 6.16.17

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July 2017  Thanks for recommending the soothing cleansing gel! I am absolutely loving using this as a "second cleanse" after my DIY cleansing oil (washcloths are too rough for my princess skin, ha). It is gentle enough that I never have any redness/tightness after washing, but thorough enough that the sebaceous filaments I have around my nose are going away. It gives some "slip" to prevent friction as I'm washing and the pH is just right. It smells a bit chlorophyll-y (I'm guessing it's the yucca) and is surprisingly luxurious!
                      Feel free to use the above any way that's helpful to you!
Also, I asked for some advice about a year ago regarding what
looked like tanned
skin on my forehead, which turned out to be from using Retin A and vitamin C serum, both of which you recommended stopping. I'm happy to say that by last winter the "tan" had gone away completely and my skin has been much happier for it. I just wanted to mention it so I could thank you again for your help!

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