You know, one of my friends complimented me on my skin the other day. And she has seen my skin go through hell! She was very excited for me and asked what I have been using so I told her GOW.  I have NEVER in my life had someone think that my skin looked good enough to base their own routine off of what I was using. It was a trial to get here, it took about half a year or more but now my skin is healing and it did it naturally. Not with chemicals that might remove my acne but I would have to pile on more crap to fix what it did to the quality of my skin. I feel so comfortable now, I'm not overly oily or dry, broken out or flaky. I believe I have achieved the state that my face would naturally be. And I did it with your products and help! I will never use anything other than what you guys have made and you better stick around!!!! I tell my friends my mother anyone who will listen about your products. You guys have given me an incredible gift, I no longer feel embarrassed but secure and pretty! ~ Elita


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