Garden of Wisdoms Top Selling Hydrating Products

There is a rumor going around that moisture for your skin comes in the way of an oil. This concept can not be true as moisture is water while oil is emollient. When these are combined then you have a lotion or cream which would be called a moisturizer as it has a water phase in the formulation.

Our products for hydrating the skin come from hydrosols, liposomes, gels, actives .. all ingredients that are water based. We do offer a line of Regenerative Serums which contain a small amount of oil for skin that needs oil but not the wax associated with
creams and lotions.

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GoW Blue Mallow Hyaluronic Acid (HA) Serum (all skin profiles, especially healing and soothing)

GoW Fennel Seed Hydrosol (all skin profiles, very moisturizing, smells just like fennel seeds)

GoW Cucumber Hydrosol (all skin types, very moisturizing, crisp and fresh)

GoW Natural Majik Myrrh Hydrosol Gel (all skin profiles, very moisturzing)

GoW Super Hydrating HA Serum (all skin profiles, additonal actives for moisture retention)


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