Garden of Wisdoms Top Selling AntiOxidant Serums

Antioxidant serums help the skin to fight daily accumulation of environmental free radicals such as pollution, cigarette smoke, and daily grime as they are able to actually neutralize the contaminants your skin comes in contact with. A good example of  free radical damage would be to take an apple, cut it in half and leave it on your counter top. Come back in 30 minutes and you will see it begin to age, turn brown and not real desirable to consume. This is what oxygen (that has not been stabilized) will do to your skin over a period of time. Protect your skin from free radical oxidation stressors.

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GoW Coconut/Chocolate Nutritive Gel (all skin profiles)

GoW BLT-RC Serum (all skin profiles)

GoW Fountain of Lycopene Serum (all skin profiles)

GoW Thermal S.O.D. Infusion Serum (all skin profiles)

GoW Wyntr Wonder Serum (all skin profiles)

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