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GoW Chill-Out Cucumber Hydrosol Serum

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GoW Chill-Out Cucumber
Hydrosol Serum


Fresh cucumbers are a wonderful, natural ingredient with a long list of beneficial properties. Cooling, soothing, and healing our organic cucumbers are paired with other essential ingredients to provide extra nutrients to the skin cells which helps to extend long-term life to healthy skin cells. With the addition of liposomes (soy based), this serum is plumping, hydrating and conditioning to the skin.

Method of Application

Apply a few drops of this serum on your clean fingertips, and smooth it across clean skin. Use during the water soluble phase of your skin routine (after you cleanse, tone, and exfoliate, but before you apply any oils or creams).

List of Ingredients

Fresh Organic Cucumber Juice
- literally, regulates the skin temperature
- cooling
- hydrating
- soothing
- calming
- healing

Encapsulated Glacier Water
- liposome (soy based) encapsulation of glacial water from the Swiss Alps

- hydrating
- energizing
- soothing
- smoothing
- refreshing

Cucumber Hydrosol
- cooling
- helps with itching
- aromatic

Pantothenic Acid (B-5)
- excellent for fighting acne
- considered an essential nutrient for our bodies
- wound healing properties
- promotes decrease of pore size
- anti-inflammatory

- extends the life of skin cells
- protects cells from oxidation-induced stress damage
- rejuvenates aging cells
- maintains cellular homeostasis
Methylcellulose Gum
- thickener derived from the cellulose of vegetables
Preservative Blend
Leucidal SF (
Lactobacillus Fermentation)
Coconut  Lactobacillus (and) Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Fruit Extract
Hyaluronic Acid
- anti-inflammatory
- film forming (helps to protect the delicate area around the eyes)

Customer Feedback

I've only used it a few . . times so far but dang, my face feels like silk afterward. 
I've got combo skin (normal/oily t zone) if that helps any.

I just wanted to write a quick review about the cucumber hydrosol serum.  I got this as a sample in my last order. It is really amazing for my sensitive skin, and since I have been using it (I mix it in with my emu/argan oil) my skin has been transformed. I am pretty sure it is the blend I use and how I use it. The serum acts as a delivery system to get all the oils penetrated into my skin. I add the emu in to make the penetration even stronger. I love how the cucumber hydrosol serum is so calming, I have extremely sensitive skin and have to be very careful what I use on it. I went through a horrible transition to all natural products by using the wrong oils with the oil cleansing method, that and doing it too frequently. I found GOW and ordered the emu oil, rosehip oil, and the cucumber hydrosol gel, and literally, my skin transformed in a weeks time. It is nearly flawless, and the tone is so even and glowing! My skin was uneven, blotchy, and bumpy. Wow is all I can say, I know it's a combo of the GOW products, but this serum is really something special for very sensitive skin like mine. Sometimes the most simple things are the best:)