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GoW Majik Azulene Cleanser

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GoW Majik Azulene Cleanser

NOTE: CL-305, CL-306, and CL-307 . . .  is the same formula  with double the amount of moisturizers
      (see below with an * next to those ingredients)


A very basic and simple cleanser, our Majik Azulene Cleanser  suds up gently, and is very soothing to troubled skin. Azulene is  calming and an anti-inflammatory, while a combination of oils  is healing and full of essential vitamins. Perfect for those  experiencing skin issues they cannot pinpoint, or for those who  need a simpler routine. Leaves skin healthy and glowing.

Method of Application

Use in the morning and before bed to moistened skin by moving a dime-sized amount of this cleanser around in a circular motion (very little is needed since it is very concentrated), and then rinse with warm water until there is no longer any cleanser left on skin.  Leaving this cleanser on for a few moments helps to loosen grime and dirt. Continue your daily routine as normal.

List of Ingredients

- nonionic surfactant
- mild to skin
Spring Water
- hydrating
- solvent
- binds moisture to the skin
- hydrates skin
- emollient
*Coconut Milk
- hydrating
- soothing
- healing
*Broccoli Seed Oil
- conditioning
- high in vitamins
- excellent for skin
*Watermelon Seed Oil
- healing
- transdermal
- rich in omegas 6 and 9 essential fatty acids
- emollient
Polawax NF
- vegetable derived premier stable emulsifier
*Emollient Esters
- emollient
- humectant
- helps to stop transepidermal water loss
- binds moisture to skin
- humectant
- vegetable derived
- literally draws moisture out of the air to skin when applied topically
- derived from the comfrey root
- relieves dry, itchy, irritated skin
- believed to heal skin by promoting new tissue growth
Xanthan Gum
- natural thickener
- paraben free, broad spectrum preservative
- anti-inflammatory
- soothing

Forum Reviews

I got this in my last order, and I really really like it!! I love that it has the oils in it and it feels so smooth on my skin.I find it very soothing and I like the anti-oxidant-ness of it :). so far I have no dryness but I am not using it every day, so I'll have to see how that goes. will keep an eye out for it though. spread the word!! get this cleanser, you will love it!

I wanted to say that I and DH love the majik azulene cleanser. I have dry/dehydrated skin somewhat and this cleanser is gentle enough for me. DH has slightly oily skin and loves this cleanser too. We recently added diamond dust to it for him. And I like the smell of it too. =)