Body Creams, Lotions, Deodorants, Balms
and Lip Products

   Lock in moisture, protect your skin and nourish the epidermis with these formulations free of cheap fillers.

Exfoliating Crystal Body Wash

  Full of lovely actives that exfoliate away dry,   dead, gummy, dark and dull skin cells, leaving skin refreshed,
  bright, and radiant.

Pain Relief Gel

  Safe actives work in harmony to soothe muscle aches, bruises, and sore skin. Great for athletes or those who
  are frequently on their feet.

Heal my Heels Foot Balm

  A miracle cream by trade, our Heal my Heels Foot Balm addresses dry, flaky, hurting feet. By boosting the healing
  process, it revives feet and leaves them feeling silky smooth and rejuvenated.

After Bath Conditioning Oil and Body Spritz

  Ideal for those with dry or malnourished skin, our After Bath Conditioning Oil and Body Spritz locks in moisture
  and prevents skin dryness it. Coconut works to heal scrapes, irritated skin, and boosts the healing process.
  Check out our natural and enticing scent options!

Anti-Aging Hand Treatment

  This wonderfully moisturizing hand treatment is so packed with goodies that we don't even know where to
  begin when explaining how awesome this is! You will find our newest hand product to be hydrating,
  anti aging, and great for lightening liver spots/age spots!

Flirty Body Creme

Flirty Body Creme  (Sample Sizes)

  Nourishing, healing, moisturizing and calming, this body butter is perfect for all skin types.

Raw Butters

  We offer a full assortment of raw butters which provide an excellent and natural way to moisturize,
  heal, and nourish skin.

Shaving Cream  (sensitive and regular skin profiles)

  Our shaving cream not only moisturizes skin to protect your legs from razor nicks but soothes gently
  with mint to prevent and heal ingrown hairs.

Pregnancy "Pamper my Belly Bump Balm"

  This tummy balm is perfect for pregnancy and after! Apply several times daily for best results!