Garden of Wisdom

Garden of Wisdom is a medium sized, family run, creatively designed skin care business based in Prescott, Arizona. Our goal is to formulate and stock unique and effective skin care products to better assist our customers and their unique skin profiles in finding a happy coexistence while sustaining a high level of skin health.

Everyone's skin is unique. Some of us are from cool dry places and some of us are from warm wet places. Some of us have more oil in the skin, some of us have less oil in the skin. Some of us have skin that sits right in the middle and some skin is undefinable. Every person has their own skin type, and everyone's skin is different. This is something we see every day at Garden of Wisdom through the eyes of our customers and friends. We carry and formulate more products than almost any company in skin care. Our customers drive us, not only to make better skin care products, but to make new skin care products that adapt to different skin types from different parts of the world in different seasons. It keeps us on our toes and keeps you in the loop with the next and best in skin care. Together we can cultivate beautiful skin, with nature's wisdom.